Cloud Services For
The Digital Enterprise

CloudiX focuses on helping customers build solutions using cloud-based technologies. Loosely put, a Cloud Platform comprises of “Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)”, where customers can “Lift and Shift” their existing infrastructure and use resources from the cloud and a “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” component, where customers can take advantage of Cloud services that provide code and workflow logic for complex tasks that can be achieved at scale and efficiency.

A good SI with knowledge in infrastructure can function as a Lift and Shift SI and there are many. But a niche SI with exceptional knowledge in Cloud based distributed programming and fundamentals and experience in developing, migration and deploying solutions using PaaS technologies is what differentiates a true Born in the cloud SI. Selecting the right SI with the necessary cloud skills and qualifications is key to help engineering teams to implement and realize value. CloudiX was formed with a dedicated focus to enable, consult, architect and build solutions for customers that are looking to utilize the cloud and cloud-based technologies for their digital transformation.

Solutions Delivery

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Gold Partner and Microsoft Applications Silver Partner we work hand in hand with engineering teams spanning more than 30+ Enterprise and global corporate accounts and have delivered solutions around the following workloads.

Business Solution Accelerators

Organizations spend valuable time and resources in trying to solution for complex and challenging business problems. This could be sped by investing in a MVP to evaluate the business outcome and benefits. While working with engineering teams on MVPs and POCs, we realized the need to stitch together solution frameworks to help educate the customer about the value of investing in these cloud-based technologies. We developed Business Solution Accelerators. BSAs are fully functional solutions that takes a common business problem and solves them by stitching various Cloud services. These form the functional components to educate & ideate with a customer. Since most of the business problems could be solved with re-usable components from these BSAs, they significantly reduce the time to market for an MVP.

Tele-Engagement for Healthcare Solutions Accelerators

B2B healthcare engagement platform built on Azure. Real-time engagement with patients, messaging and tele-medical diagnosis

Call Center & Customer Care Solutions Accelerator

Collection of solutions to optimize and improve workflows inside customer care and operations. Monitor & improve performance, intelligent assistance for agents, derive solutions for problem, identify upsell opportunities and reduce churn

Cognitive Search (Content Research Platform) Solutions Accelerator

Provide context-based alerts and notifications to business users. Extract relevant news & content and provide real time updates cross-channel. Web based platform for searching, indexing, analyzing and monitoring enterprise keywords

IoT Solutions RA Solutions Accelerator

IIoT Reference Architecture for water monitoring that Integrates with industrial devices, support edge computing, streaming and analysis of data and integrates with production workloads.

Interactive Bots Solutions Accelerator

Intelligent and interactive bots that understand Natural Language conversations and improve engagements across businesses – customer care, search experience, scheduling, FAQs, DIY, internal IT support etc.,

Data Processor (PDF Extraction) Solutions Accelerator

PDF to structured – Data processing solution accelerator to identify patterns and content from published sources (PDF) and extract into structured formattable content